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Tohatsu offers four outboards from 90 to 40 hp in our highly praised new generation of direct injection outboards. Both the 90 and 70 are much lighter in weight than competitive horsepower 4-strokes and other direct injection outboards. These Tohatsu outboards provide exceptionally smooth operation and outstanding performance.

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Specifications MD90B
I_3Cylinder I_Alternator I_ChargingSystem I_DirectFuelInjection
I_HighSolidPaintGoating I_LowFuelConsumption I_MultifunctionalTachometer I_OverHeatBuzzer
I_PowerTrimTilt I_Thermostat I_TrollingSpeedControl

The 90 and 70 TLDI® provide significant increases in fuel and oil economy while also providing a decrease in hydrocarbon emissions through the exhaust -73% lower levels of HC+NOx. This in turn gives you a cleaner, quieter boat ride at a lower operating cost. And loaded with features usually associated with larger outboards, the 90 and 70 TLDI® aim to please demanding boaters everywhere.

Tohatsu TLDI® Benefits:

  • Air assisted direct fuel injection system provides excellent fuel economy
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very low emissions, U.S. EPA and CARB approved

High Peformance and easy operating

  • Inductive ignition system for reliable starting
  • Outstanding acceleration
  • Electronic oil pump for more precise oil regulation throughout the rpm range
  • Oil reservoir opening located on the top of the motor for quicker and easier refill onboard
  • Multi-point oil injection system to more completely lubricate vital engine components
  • Power Trim & Tilt

Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability

  • Propellernabenauspuff für mehr Geräuschkomfort
  • Thermostatisch geregeltes Kühlsystem für konstante Kühlwassertemperatur
  • Wasserpumpengehäuse aus rostfreiem Stahl
  • Hochwertige, seewasserresistente Aluminiumlegierung für bestmöglichen Korrosionsschutz
  • Zinkbeschichtete Kühlwasserkanäle gegen Korrosion
  • Variabler Leerlauf – an der Schaltbox am Schlüssel-schalter einstellbar
  • Doppelter Kühlwassereinlass
  • Drehzahlmesser und Trimmanzeige
  • Aluminiumpropeller

Warning and protection

  • Low oil level warning (visual and audible)
  • Overheat warning (visual and audible)
  • Battery voltage warning (visual only)
  • Start-in-gear protection for safer engine starting
  • Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)
  • Over-rev. limiter
Maximum output 66 HP
Maximum operation range 5150-5850 rpm
Fuel Consumption at W.O.T 30 L/Hr
Number of cylinder 3
Bore x Stroke 86x72.7 mm
Displacement 1267 cc
Engine lubrication system Auto Mixing
Starting System Electric starter
Spark plug NGK IZFR5J
Ignition timing Electronically advanced
Alternator output 12V 280W 23A mm
Engine oil Premium TCW-3 2-Stroke oil or Recommend
Volume of engine oil 4 L
Fuel tank capacity 25 L
Speed control Remote control
Gear reduction ratio 2.0
Emission compliance EU & EPA & CARB 2-Star


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The history of Tohatsu engines production reaches back to the year 1922 when Tohatsu first invented .... read more...

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