MD 115

TLDI outboards provide the environmental offerings of four-strokes while never compromising the powerful running performance of two-strokes. With its three step adjustable trolling speed control, quick acceleration response, compact size, and fuel economy unlike any other, TLDI can support a wide range of needs for both the pleasure and commercial boater alike. TLDI continues the long standing Tohatsu tradition of anticipating the tough demands of the next generation of boaters.

Tohatsu TLDI 115 Benefits

  • Uniquely designed cowling with extra internal layering to provide a much quieter operation than conventional 2-stroke outboards
  • Equipped with a high output alternator that produces 37 amps of power even at 1000rpm and a whopping 40 amps at 3500-6000 rpm's
  • Comes standard with a convenient built-in freshwater flush system that simplifies routine engine flushing
  • Air assisted direct fuel injection system provides excellent fuel economy
  • Excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very low emissions,U.S. EPA and CARB approved


Power115.00 HP / 84.58 KW
Bore and stroke88 x 72.7
Max. Speed range5150 - 5850
Starter systemelectric
Control systenRemote control
Gear ratio2.0:1
Propeller Selection area9" - 21"
Water level20", 25"
Fuelunleaded gasoline
Recommended OilTwo Stroke Engine Oil
Fuel tankOptional
Weight178.00 kg
Alternator power12V, 490W, 40A
TOSC compatibility*S
All TOHATSU Four Strokes meet EU emission standards
Standard- & Optional Equipment
Electric Starter
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard ●*
Elektr. Motorhebe- und Trimverstellung
Öl Auto Mixing
Transom (mm) 20 / 25
Propeller Selection area
Analog Tachometer
Analog Trim Meter
Remote Control Box
25L Plastic Fuel Tank
Tool Kit
Spare Spark Plugs
Owners Manual
Standard       Optional o
  • 4 Cylinder

  • Alternator

  • Direct Fuel Injection

  • Charging System

  • High Solid Paint Coating

  • Low Fuel Consumption

  • Multifunctional Tachometer

  • Over Heat Buzzer

  • Power Trim & Tilt

  • Thermostat

  • Tohatsu Onboard Communication System

  • Trolling Speed Control (TLDI)

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MD 115 Dimensions